SANDYA - Sandra Shears - Spiritual Channel, Healer & Counselor
 Sessions with SANDYA . . .
"Guided by Beings of Light, I am able to work directly with energy." 
     In 1990 I began to awaken to my True Self.  I am now fully developed psychically.  I see, hear and feel energy - the essence of all things.  Guided by Beings of Light, I am able to work directly with energy.  A healing light space is set in which distorted energy is identified.  Then very high, subtle, light frequencies which are laser-like are put with the distortion, changing it in a way that is in accordance with Soul.  Through a series of sessions, the physical and etheric bodies - memory, emotional and mental - are brought into balance and aligned with Soul. 
       It is at this point that the Light of the Soul begins to shine though and effect physical reality.  As you consciously learn to generate the light of the Soul, you create inner illumination and an open heart which allows Divine Will to flow in and lead you to your Spiritual Purpose.
     I do not teach the skills which are God-given and your birthright.  I do make space for the skills to unfold.  As the energetic system is cleared up, our skills naturally come out.  This is the process I personally went though and now take others through.  The basis of my work is to establish client independence through connection to the Soul, so one becomes Soul Guided - instead of personality driven.  I will take you through a process of healing, activation and initiation which is personal to you.  
   It is important to be patient with the process.  Energy is put on in layers and therefore, must come off or be cleared in layers.  The effects of the work may not be obvious at first.  People often just feel better - or different.  However, the changes that are being made are permanent and will affect every avenue of your life.  Sometimes people feel really good when they leave a session - and then later on lose that feeling.  Then it becomes a matter of maintenance - maintaining one's well being.
   Everyone reacts differently to energy work.  You need to take care of yourself appropriately - grounding yourself if your energy is accelerated or spending quiet time if you are being re-wired.  An important part of my work is "adjusting" your energy so you can accommodate the new frequencies coming to the Earth Plane.  Your goal at this time is to raise your vibration so you can accommodate your God Self.  I will use every tool at my disposal to do that.
   Beyond this, I specialize in activating others to their path and practice.  As a Lightworker or World Server, you have incarnated at this special time in order to facilitate the transition to the next Age.  It is time to bring forth the Gifts that will accelerate healing and further activate Spiritual Purpose.  .
   This is my full time work, 26 some years now, so sessions are available at all times - days, evenings and weekends.  I am never booked weeks or months ahead of time.  I live and work in the moment and a new client can booked a session in a matter of a days. 
     Sessions are available in-person or by phone.  The first session is 90 minutes in which an interview is conducted and an "energy diagnosis" is given.   Thereafter, sessions are 60 minutes.  Discounted sessions are sold in a "series" of four.  Contact me for current rates.
     It is recommended that a first time client do sessions four weeks in a row because there is a momentum that is created in doing so.  After that, sessions are booked according to joint agreement.  Series sessions must be booked at least once a month.  At the end of each series we review and renew if you want to continue.  At some point, I may give you the opportunity to commit to continuous sessions until further notice.
      Payment is due by the first session of every series.  I require a 24 hr. cancellation notice like most professionals or you will be charged for the session - however clients are urged to reschedule if at all possible.      
     A Lightworker Development and Activation group (Wed eve) meets weekly where your energy and vibration can be further raised by group healings, adjustments, activations and even initiations.  A Light Transmission is conducted monthly usually the 3rd Friday and focuses on current spiritual events.  All groups are opportunities for adding to your Light. 
     I am spiritually "in the know" and regularly work spiritual events and will often include the group in these.  An ongoing commitment is required along with a monthly fee.  Please contact me regarding details. 
     When not in session, your energy is worked with when it comes into my awareness so the process is on-going and you get continued support.  When not in session, I am available to you by email for comments, questions, processing, etc.  When there is an important event for either you or your family/friends - surgery, meetings, etc., - I put it on my calendar and give you Light support that way.  Also, please let me know when and where you are traveling.  "Tracking" you is part of the process.  This work recognizes relationship lines and so those around you will change along with you. A client also receives emails in regards to the latest energies and events  If you are interested please, let me know . . . . SANDYA;
Pet Communicator and Healer
   Like with people - I can psychically tune into the pet to see what the issue is, look at the condition and talk telepathically with the pet itself. But getting information is just the first step. The second is to facilitate a change through additional communication - accompanied by physical and energetic healing.  Work with an animal is always done remotely with the owner either in-person or by phone.  Reasonable rates.  Please contact SANDYA at

  To get to know the pet's likes and dislikes.
  To find out the reason behind undesirable behavior.
  To inquire about and work with health concerns - physical, mental or emotional.
  To find out what their life purpose is and why they are with you.
  To find out if they have a message for you.
  To find out if the animal you want to get is compatible with you.
  To find out if your pet is ready or needs help passing on.
  To speak to your pet that has passed on.
Reasons to use an animal communicator. . .
Testimonials . . .
" My first session with Sandya several years ago was a gift.  Sandya is a warm and caring person and quite accomplished in her abilities.  Her talents and training give her insights that have been very helpful.  I sincerely recommend Sandya to others for spiritual guidance and unfoldment.  She truly has been a gift.
- Jean (Retired Minister)
"I first became acquainted with Sandya during a health crisis.  She was very helpful to me as a spiritual healer and counselor.  I have continued to consult with her over the years.  Sandya is a talented energy worker, teacher and guide.  She is high-minded and lives a life committed to personal and spiritual evolution."
- Lucy (Licensed Psychologist)
"Sandya has proven herself resourceful, imaginative and dependable in all  her roles."
 - John (Lutheran Minister)
"I've utilized Sandya's services over the years and have found her to be trustworthy, thoughtful, creative and insightful.  One of her strenghts is that she is able to accurately assess issues affecting the lives of others and be proactive in assisting them in addressing their life circumstances.  She has been very helpful to me in this capacity."
-Edith (Professor of Social Work)
"I have known Sandya for many years.  During that time I have observed her to be a very steady, stable and compassionate practitioner.  She is steadfast, listens intently and generally see not just the short, but also the long view of a situation.  Her leadership, reliability, responsibility and good nature are just a few of her qualities."
- Franza (Couselor at Law)
"Sandya has done an excellant job and has been nice to work with. I am happy to recommend her"
- Maureen (CPA)
" I have known Sandya in a professional counseling relationship for some years.  Her work is innovative, spiritual, progressive and healing.  The personal benefits that I've received are incrediable!"
- Deb (Community Organizer)
"Sandya has been great - very conscientious.  I have no reservation in recommending her."
- Philip (Realitor)
"My purity of purpose, clarity of intention and ability to possess peace of mind have come to light for me as a direct result of my time spent connected to the channeling of Sandya."
- Deborah (Social Worker)
"I have known Sandya for  years.  I have found her to be a person of high integrity.  She is very dependable and  honors her commitments to others.  Sandya acts out of conscious thought and treats others with care and respect. I trust her."
- Rebecca (Administrator)
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