SANDYA - Sandra Shears - Spiritual Channel, Healer & Counselor


2018 Spiritually Speaking
             In the Birth Canal of Mastery – Fully Locked and Loaded

     2017 was the ‘1’ year of intense breakdowns and breakthroughs, as we stripped away the layers of density and trauma.  As we transition into 2018, we are positioned to break free, to rise from the ashes and embrace the powerful ‘11’ year of Mastery.  
     According to the Spiritual Channel Aluna Joy – we are in a birthing process, and each of us is our own midwife.  We are birthing the mastery of ourselves, through the portal of our own sacred geometry and soul’s blue print.  We’re returning back to the original expression that we agreed to embody, interfacing fully now with the collective wisdom and mastery we’ve generated and awakened over time.  As we come home to ourselves, we remember why we came, why it matters, and who we truly are at the core of our being, within our awakened heart.
     We've run fast and far for lifetimes, separating further and further from our truth and each other.  When we hide or deny our greatness out of a conditioned response to be something other than our true nature, pushing and comparing to align with unhealthy social norms, judgments, or conditioned parameters, we distance ourselves more and more from the unique creation and sacred intention of our origin.  The separation and fragmentation creates distortion in the mirror as we cease to recognize our own reflection in the world around us.  The moment we lose connection with our wholeness, or when it’s not safe to reveal the truth with our own voice or body, we manifest breakdowns and challenges that require a return to something sacred, authentic, safe, and – real Love.
     Whether the fragmentation is experienced personally or collectively, the resolution is unification, coming home to the origin, restoring the roots with Love.  The journey away from home has provided wisdom, experience, maturity, gratitude, and humility, and the journey back home requires grace.  Through grace, we surrender the need to run, defend, compete or prove, and we begin to allow the beat of our own hearts to unify us from within, responding to a collective movement that reminds us where we belong…right here, right now.  Home is not the physical structure of a house, it’s a unified frequency that lives within us, inspired by unity, calibrated to compassion, acceptance, and Love.
     No matter where we are on the planet, we are Home when we allow our hearts to remember the movement, expression, harmony and flow of Divine Love.  Love is currency, circulation, the global exchange that flows between all hearts that calibrates, awakens and reveals the truth of who we are.  When we recognize the embodiment of Love and compassion, we return home in an instant.  Wherever we are in that moment, we belong.
     The journey of personal mastery begins with a karmic circumstance that creates the need to evolve, to transcend, and to expand beyond our current reality, in order to realize something greater, to see a different reflection in the mirror.  In the expansion process, we liberate ourselves from the root of our original limitation.  The full awakening and integration of our mastery actually occurs when we infuse the awareness of liberation and enlightenment back into our root system, unifying the original karmic condition with the evolutionary expression.  In doing so, we elevate ourselves, our roots, the story, and the social conversation.  We infuse awakened consciousness into the very root of the original limitation - with Love.  And alchemy occurs.
     What better way to overlight this year’s process of birthing our Mastership than the rare and epic tri-lunar event on January 31.   This incredible lunation of a SUPERMOON + BLUE MOON + TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE is the ultimate trifecta and awakens the powerful Master 11:11 Code. It is an 11 year after all! This is the most significant lunation of the last 150 years, and its energy will last throughout the year.  And - this supercharged spectacle is a Universal reminder to charge forward without fear - and claim what's yours in 2018 . . .  Blessings, SANDYA

                                                  2017 Spiritually Speaking
                             The Year of New Beginnings

     2016 was a Nine year that required great courage and faith as we plumbed our depths for any last vestiges of the old and outdated - and now the year ahead brings another major work in progress.  We have an advantage now because we have come far enough to know what to do with some of the more uncomfortable energies that unavoidably abound at this time.
     2017 is a One year - a year of entirely new beginnings - and that means change.  Change can be difficult or it can be exciting - it’s all a matter of perspective.  We will move into many new physical reality alterations as the 1 vibration ensures, but we are having to get there with ZERO attachments and expectation - in complete faith - and with a deep awareness that what lies just ahead is nothing like what lies just behind us.
     The physicalization of all that we have created during the last creation cycle is clearly calling us forward - but it takes absolute dedication and masterful restraint to not project what that is or will be.
     That is why this year's Chinese astrology animal will be so helpful - the Rooster.  It is known for its ability not to get caught up in the need for results - and meticulously stays with the program thru to finish.  But on top of the Rooster energy is the element of fire.  So 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster - which is Yin.  According to many Chinese astrologers, Yin Fire can be an extremely volatile combination.  Yin energy is often associated with water - but when put together with fire - it has the potential to be extremely destructive. Yin Fire can also indicate wars, terrorist attacks and economic corruption. 
     If any animal can handle the energy of Yin Fire however, it is the Rooster.  With the Rooster’s practical and methodical approach it has the ability to take this Yin Fire energy and keep it under control.  When Yin Fire is under control it can actually lead to peaceful resolutions, a tempering of anger and a soothing of any conflicts.  It is also a wonderful energy for female empowerment and more women may be in the spotlight this year than ever before.
     On a personal level, the year of the Yin Fire Rooster may help you to solve issues or complex problems in your life. It may even help to bring clarity to issues that have been causing you anger and stress.  When you use this energy effectively, it will also help you to stay productive and to make great strides, especially in your career.
     The year of the Yin Fire Rooster has also been labelled the year of awakenings and this is also playing out in Western Astrology as well.  We all know that the Rooster crows in the morning in order to “wake up” all the other animals.  In 2017, the Rooster is going to give all of us a much needed wake up call that is going to help us to further explore our intuition and to look at the areas of our lives that need to be rebirthed or transformed.
     As we move through this year of new beginnings, more and more people are going to be called to awaken - and the Yin Fire Rooster is going to be helping and supporting this journey.  The Yin Fire Rooster may be volatile and destructive but it is also extremely powerful and strong. When this energy is used effectively, there is no problem that can’t be solved, no intuitive message that is too complex to understand and no dream too big to conquer.
     So the Fire Rooster will promote and support the understanding of the individual power you embody as a filament of Light within the greater tapestry of the Universe - allowing you to witness the Divine change manifesting as a result of Divine intention - the intention to embody the Supreme Living Light of the Almighty nature who created you - and to allow that nature to channel its power - Light and Love through you. And let it be so!  Bless you all . . . SANDYA.

2016 Spiritually Speaking
The Year of Soul Expression
It was a crazy ride in 2015 with all the monumental astrological events. Experiencing the final Uranus-Pluto square, a Supermoon, two Total Eclipses, the Aries Equinox portal, and full blood-red moon within two weeks time may have been stressful and/or overwhelming, as familar patterns and blockages began to crumble and clear. Many are releasing toxic energy, letting go of outdated patterns, beliefs, dreams and wants. Integration is a full time job . . .
In the meantime, 2016 is a year of blasting through pretense, illusion and false personas to reveal our authentic, true nature. Nothing will be spared the exposure of divine Light.  But throughout the turmoil the cosmos ushers us into unity consciousness.
Soul Expression 
   This year we are moving to a new level of authencity. This year we are putting subtle expression aside - and instead are making strong statements - Soul Statements . A soul statement is a demonstrable display of your authentic feelings and inner truth. We are moving beyond communicating our important personal and collective messages with words. This is a year of action. The actions we take will be both impulsive and strategically planned.
   We are having increasing difficulty tolerating incongruence between our inner selves and outer expressions. When we are dissatisfied, we will be compelled, by our Souls, to change things. There will be endings. There will be beginnings. There will be refusals to do what is expected. There will be agreements to do the unexpected. We are coming into integrity with our selves and we are doing so in powerful ways.
   All aspects of our lives will be affected by the strong energy we will express this year. As we are individually affected and moved, we will collectively create strong statements to catalyze desired social change.
   If we resist compelling action, due to
antiquated patterns of people-pleasing and fear of standing in our power, the suppressed energy could create physical symptoms. Your body will be your ally in alerting you to when you have subverted the impulses of the Soul.
   As we break free of the 3D Matrix and move into living the 5D paradigm, this includes changing how we utilize our energy flow - so we can improve our money flow, our prosperity and increase our magnetism.     
   As you make statements that reflect your authentic feelings and inner truth, you will grow in authentic power. A new level of order will prevail in your life. New energy will be released as the stagnation of outdated relationships, situations, etc. is overcome.
You will feel a new sense of liberation.
   As always, the more inner work you do, the more graceful your outer shifts will be. The New Year is a good time to recommit to your self and your spiritual Growth. New time is the time for spiritual healing, which will birth a new you, and together all of our newly emerging selves will birth the New Earth – a Sanctuary for the Soul.

Becoming Receptive Beings
   These qualities in the 3D Matrix required a lot of effort, force and struggle as we constantly battled the opposing polarized force. For every positive action taken we experienced equal or more negative push back.  This is not a system that flows with universal abundance!
   We’re going to have to unlearn our old habits of manifesting and work with our energy differently in the 5D Field of Unity Consciousness. In the old 3D system we used our thinking mind to plan and organize, to schedule time and resources and plod ahead pushing against the polarized counter-force to sustain ourselves. It’s exhausting and keeps us trapped in linear Time.
   As we evolve and ascend into living your Soul’s Blueprint, we need to disconnect from the dominant thinking mind and use our sensory body instead. So first step – shift from thinking our way thru it, and start to feel/sense with our heart brain and intuition.
We must become a receptive being!
   When we push outward with our energy, we are not being receptive. Determine if the flow of our energy is pushing out into the external word. If it is…stop and turn inwards to the flow of life force in your Chakra Pillar. This is our energy conduit and it should be open and receiving life force, light, love, and nourishment into the core of our being.
   When the chakra channel is blocked, closed, drained – we are not operating as a clear and open receiver. If we need more life force, how are you getting it? Are we feeding ourself energy from external sources? These are the old 3D patterns that lock us in the old matrix. To shift into 5D living, we will need to switch from being takers to becoming open, receivers of universal support.
   This is the major theme for 2016! Learning how to source ourself from internal soul life force – living as a receptive being. It also requires balancing how you use your left and right brains to magnetize and create.     
   Make this a priority this year – to switch over to receiving all that you need in a continual energy flow filling your heart’s magnetic field. Turn within and receive the blessings . . .

The Best News
   The new Crystalline Light infusion is anchoring into the planetary gridwork, which will make it easier for the Starseeds and Light Bearers to live here on Gaia. We are experiencing the unfoldment of our Soul Blueprint and Light Body Activation…this is a new experience for all of us.
   We have worked tirelessly to reach this phase of the Cosmic Ascension Plan.  Utilize your complex energy field to accentuate Soul connection, deepen intuition, nourish the physical body, and increase your magnetism.
   The key to success is using sacred geometry and vortex energy to manifest your Soul's Blueprint. The sacred geometry of Metatron’s Cube interconnects the Torus magnetic field to the 12 dimensional grids of the Universe…uniting with the electrical field of the Merkaba Light Body. It becomes a self-sustaining continuum of Life Force energy that is necessary to manifest in the physical world.

Coming Up
We are ramping up to the Uranus/Eris conjunction in June, which signifies the Awakening of Humanity - what we came here for - to create the New Humanity- a peoples of the heart.  To that endeavor - bless you all . . . SANDYA.
2015 Spiritually Speaking
The Year of Dynamic Reorientation
Soul Infusion
The past year provided us with an unprecedented opportunity to become truly captivated by our Souls. We learned to more fully experience and express our Souls. The result has been an increase in our Soul Infusion Levels - the degree to which we live from our Souls - rather than our egos/personalities.
A theme for 2014 emerged - “The Year of Graceful Exits” - or in some cases – ungraceful! The year was filled with endings (jobs, relationships, etc.). Our increasing Soul Infusion Levels catalyzed during the year resulting in some external aspects of our lives not aligning with our Souls. And so we were guided to gracefully let go of what no longer serves us at a Soul level.
The gift of 2014 was the space to create a more expanded life - one more fully infused with the Light of the Soul.Our increased Soul Infusion Levels - accomplished consciously or unconsciously during this last year - have prepared us for what Dr. Natalia Schotte of La Vie de La Rose which promotes accelerated Spiritual Growth - is calling The Year of Dynamic Reorientation. In 2015 we will be in the dynamic process of reorienting to a new paradigm of Spiritual Growth.
Spiritual Growth and the Sacred Feminine
The new paradigm of Spiritual Growth is a reflection of the Sacred Feminine. Its key esoteric process is healing on the Soul level of existence. This level of healing is only now becoming available to Humanity.
Until now our healing work has been on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. These levels of healing work have supported us to come into balance. Balance is a precursor to healing on the Soul level. Only change through work on the Soul level will bring our long-standing karmic issues to a final resolution.
This new paradigm is reminiscent of the goddess tradition - and yet it is very different. The difference is born of the Aquarian dynamic with its cosmic evolutionary imperative of Unitive or Unity Consciousness - a Feminine dynamic. Individuated Consciousness - a Piscean/Masculine dynamic - characterized by “flying solo” - exclusivity, external power and isolation - preceded the Aquarian/Feminine dynamic. It was a purposeful phase of evolution, a necessary precursor for understanding and developing Unitive Consciousness.
However – now through Unitive Consciousness - we understand our Souls as perfected extensions of Source - One with Source and inseparable from it. The Soul cannot be lost or shattered. It is changeless by nature. We are extensions of our Souls. Through our Souls - we retain Oneness with Source or God - and Unity with all of Humanity.
Divine Immanence
The purpose of life on Earth is Ascension - which occurs through remembrance of our Oneness with Soul/Source and is experienced as Unity with one another. This remembrance is the principle of Divine Immanence made manifest. The principle of Divine Immanence stands in stark contrast to the notion of God as external or transcendent.  We are becoming inner directed - learning to experience the impulses of our Souls in every moment.
With this shift - we are becoming capable of creating our personalized spiritual paths. Directed by our Souls - we can transcend the incremental growth of the past. There have been only a few people in any tradition who have attained the “perfected state.” Accelerated spiritual growthchanges everything.
Accelerated Spiritual Growth
Accelerated spiritual growthaccomplishes the evolution of consciousness in one lifetime - ordinarily experienced over many. As we adopt the new paradigm of spiritual growth - we can move quickly toward a future state of being in which we become spiritually mature humans. The secret to traversing this new paradigm is pure, unadulterated feeling.
Our experiences in the outer world inform us about the state of our consciousness. Our abundant, harmonious, joyful, and peaceful experiences reflect our healed consciousness - when we operate in alignment with our Souls. Experiences we perceive as painful or out of balance are indicators of misalignment with our Souls and are a call to healing. The external aspects of our lives - including our careers, finances, health, and relationships - are powerful informants of our healing journey. This is the purpose and gift of incarnating as a human.
Nature and Spiritual Time
To accelerate our spiritual growth, it is essential to surrender to Nature - through which we learn to flow with spiritual time – and as a result - be of this world rather than in it. When our lives align with Nature - we flow with the deep rhythms of Mother Earth and the impulses of our Souls. We live in the NOW. We are present. We slow down - breathe, feel, and heal. We use time for its intended purpose - to grow spiritually.
When linear time governs our lives and we disconnect from Nature - we experience separation from our Souls. We focus on the external. It is time to transcend linear time and learn to live in spiritual time. We do this by synchronizing our lives with Nature and getting in touch with our own true nature as Soul.
The Call to Healing through Feeling
Humanity is only now beginning to transcend emotion - and learn how to “feel the Soul.” This is a key spiritual development process in the new paradigm of Spiritual Growth. The Feminine Divine calls us to acknowledge and experience our deeply buried feelings.
The call is to heal at the soul level - which we are able to do as we develop the feeling aspect of the Soul.“Healing through feeling” represents completely new territory for us all. For the first time we are able to access - at the feeling level - the experiences from this and past lives through which we have developed the perception of separation from Soul/Source. This perception of separation - rooted in experiences in which we felt abandoned, alone, fearful, and powerless - lies beneath all our experiences of suffering.
We heal the imprints of separation we carry from these experiences by connecting deeply with our repressed feelings. This new level of healing ultimately leads to final resolution of the past and the transcendence of our long-standing challenges – propelling us upward. As we complete this level of healing - we move toward experiencing ascendant consciousness - with its corresponding inner states of empowerment, harmony, joy, love, peace, and purpose.
Spiritual Intimacy
As new forms of healing emerge - relationships are key to their emergence. Another esoteric process for the new paradigm of Spiritual Growth is evolving relationships - with the focus on intimacy and Sacred Sexuality. As part of this year’s Dynamic Reorientation - we are also called to form and deepen intimate partnerships. Intimacy is the key word for the Age of Aquarius and healing through feeling is the key process.
It is time to take our healing to a new level through intimacy. It is time to stop hiding - and become transparent - overcoming our shame through revelation. Our perception of separation from Soul/Source creates a state of isolation. Overcoming isolation/separation requires intimate relationships.
To assess your level of intimacy ask yourself . . .
Am I honest about my thoughts and feelings?
Am I trusting and trustworthy?
Do I withhold from others (energy, information, or resources, etc.)?
Do I address conflict directly?
Is my goal a win-win outcome?
Am I competitive rather than cooperative?
Am I compassionate or judging?
Do I celebrate the accomplishments, gifts, and talents of others, or envy them?
Intimacy is the process whereby we return our mind to Oneness. Deepening intimacy is a major developmental focus for ALL of us this year. As we learn the lessons of intimacy - we move toward Unitive Consciousness and experience Oneness with Soul/Source through our relationships with each other.
Sanctification of the Feminine
As women - let us sanctify our bodies as the Temples of our Souls. Let us stand together to ensure the right to govern our bodies and our lives at all levels. Let us call forth the support we require to become all we can be - to fulfill our Divine potential. Let us remember ourselves as the Priestess - and cultivate the Sacred Feminine as a way of life.
As men – let us focus on being the sentinels of our homes and families - protecting the Sacred Feminine and her rights and rites. Use your strength to provide the safety for women and children to flourish. Wage peace so that our outer lives support the Life of our Souls.
Let us all dedicate ourselves to the sanctification of the Feminine. Let us embrace the Sacred Feminine in all her forms. Let us feel - and transcend - the wounds of the past and liberate our Heart Centers to their inherent joy. Let us walk the Path of Beauty and cultivate a deeper connection with Nature and her cycles. Let us make love more often and celebrate our ecstatic union with the Divine.
The Greatest Obstacle
Our egos/personalities thrive on “knowing it all.” This is our greatest obstacle.
Let us find the humility to surrender to the evolution of our consciousness in accordance with the new energies. Let us adopt a spirit of adventure in the face of transformation - rather than contraction and resistance. Let us open to the unknown - tuning into our Souls for direction in every moment. Let us come to honor our feelings and make space for deepening them.
Let us honor the Sacred Feminine and her mysterious ways. Let us take every opportunity to partner - recognizing that in the new paradigm of Spiritual Growth - our relationships birth new forms of healing.
The Year of Dynamic Reorientation
2015 is pivotal for Humanity. Because of the opportunity to accelerate our spiritual growth - we can truly begin to collectively transcend the trajectory of suffering we set in motion in the past. There is a sense of urgency in this regard. So seriously ask yourself these questions . . .
As a woman: Do I view myself as sacred?
Do I view myself as the embodiment of the goddess?
Do I treat my body as my Holy Temple?
Is my sexuality tarnished with guilt and shame?
Do I treat my vagina as Sacred Ground?
Do I diminish or negate the Feminine?
How was I sexually abused/wounded?
How was my trust betrayed?
What did my parents teach me about sexuality through their behavior, communication, feelings, and thoughts?
What was I taught through education and/or religion?
Do I utilize my sexuality for ecstatic union with the Divine?
As a man: Do I view the women in my life as sacred?
Do I view a woman’s body as a Holy Temple?
Am I honoring, loving, and respectful during my sexual interactions with women?
Do I treat a woman’s vagina as Sacred Ground?
Do I honor, love, and respect the Feminine and the women in my life?
How have I abused/wounded women sexually?
How have I betrayed their trust?
To actualize the individual and collective potential of The Year of Dynamic Reorientation - let us ALL do everything possible to align our consciousness with the new paradigm of Spiritual Growth. This is how we accelerate our spirituality - and develop the wisdom to solve our most pressing challenges. This is how we make life on Earth truly SACRED.  Bless you all . . . SANDYA.

2014 Spiritually Speaking
The Birth of the Universal Human
     There is a lot of controversy and disagreement about exactly what did or didn't happen in 2013.  There's been a lot of moaning and groaning - including from me.  It took Lightworkers decades to build up to the 12.21 in order to awaken the masses - making people pay attention to realms other than just the physical one. When the “Shift of the Ages” came and went - and nothing in our immediate reality seemed to have shifted much - many Lightworkers were left feeling disheartened, disconnected and defeated.   Many simply didn’t feel fulfilled enough after the amount of hard work and dedication they had contributed to the potential awakening of the collective consciousness.  Now in the let down - Lightworkers have been left dwindling their thumbs.  Or so it seems.  Or does it?   
     After holding space for others for so long - Lightworkers took a decidedly personal turn.
There was no doubt as to the palpable quickening of time and the heightened physical and emotional symptoms that followed.  Lightworkers were in the “Cosmic Blender.”  Early 2013 then became a testing period for us to see how resilient we were - and whether we would allow ourselves to sink or to swim.  We were taught a profound lesson - to let go of the specific expectations the human part of us too often likes to carry around and get caught up in. 
     And so in the Spring of 2013 - many of us started to develop the “Art of Letting Go” - and truly began to go deeper into our ability to surrender to the natural flow of life. As we did this - things in the collective reality began to shift more quickly than ever!  It reminds us that personal experience and the Collective Energetic Field are forever entwined - and to step out of the former - we must embrace the latter with reverence and awe.  The seeds that had been planted over the decades before began to sprout. The new beginnings for a bright new world - planted by millions of people through gathered intention and meditation - began to emerge and actually started to reveal themselves.
 Here is how we expanded and grew collectively in 2013 . . .
*People are awakening to the truth of who they really are, and are connecting more on a heart-to-heart level.
*Business, organizations and government operating from a lack of integrity are losing steam and influence.
*People are becoming more conscious of where their food sources are coming from and what their food is really made of.
*People are becoming more conscious of how to take better care of their environment. *Alternative natural resources are becoming more popular for a cleaner way of living.
*Huge steps forward are being created in the human rights movement.
*The power pendulum is shifting, from a select few back to the collective masses.
*Conscious businesses and media are becoming more popular and more in demand.
*Alternative healing therapies and practices are becoming increasingly accepted into mainstream thought.
*Integrity in both personal and business ventures is making a major comeback.
*The world came together and said ‘NO!’—and overturned the possibility of another war in the Middle East.
     The year 2013 was truly a year of LEARNING.  It allowed millions of people to anchor a Greater Wisdom that is now leading us to Higher States of Consciousness. The energies of 2014 will call us to apply and witness this Higher Consciousness in Action.  This expansion is supported in numerology by the number seven (2+0+1+4 = 7) – The Year of the Chariot, in Chinese Astrology – The Year of the Horse, and in the continued Uranus/Pluto Squares – all characterizing an inner process that will carry us upward – including this - the first Full Moon of 2014.
     The most exciting energy of the year which will be facilitated by an aspect of the Holy Spirit – is a new level of GRACE.  Regenerating and rejuvenating beyond the imagination – it promises the experience of complete healing and ultimate resolution of our deepest challenges.  We will be free finally to practice Sacred Alchemy – including environmental alchemy.  If you want to see the Fukushima/Pacific Ocean situation resolved - you will also need to purify all that is dark and lacking love in your own being. As within – so without.  It is also recommended to tend to your own physical being and vibration with high quality food, water and high frequency supplements to which you are guided
     Many of us have been holding on to lingering physical, emotional, mental and financial patterns – deep seeded soul patterns -  that have blocked us from truly living our greatest potential.  Because these patterns can stem back through many lifetimes -  it’s not always necessary to dissect why or how we acquired them.  We only need to recognize them - accept them – and then ALIGHN ourselves with the energies becoming available to us - so that ultimate change can occur – and in some cases - almost instantaneously.  
     It is also a time to further breakout of limitations of the matrix/negative timeline on the planet. For Lightworkers who have traveled deeply into the illusory matrix for both their own experience - and for the healing of the planet - the issue is that for many of these beings – they have done too good of a job – of fully and effectively embodying the surrounding energies.  In this case - it is now time to “flip” the polarity from lack to abundance.  In order to utilize the frequencies and opportunity of the energies fully - this also involves examining your own consciousness and releasing those areas of dysfunction and illusion especially around “deserving” all good things from Source. You are THAT – afterall.
     And so as we move more deeply into the “Circle of Abundance” – the qualities of manifestation will be amplified - especially around the principles of the “giveaway” and gratitude.  We will also entertain FAITH more.  We are in a greater place in consciousness now – a place where we can “see it when we believe it” - a place where we align with Faith as the “substance of things unseen.”   We can trust what we want is there - and it only has not fully manifested yet. 
     Part of our growing “manifestation mastery” is the ability to supplicate the Universe/Source less and rely on your own Higher Self more. You know your manifestation skills are growing stronger when the resources for something you need in the future manifests in the present.  The need is fulfilled before it is even spoken.  This is an example of someone so fully on-point in their mission that ALL is provided for spontaneously. The nature and purpose of the Lightwork - which is for the benefit of others and the all – will further create a state of Grace.  More of us will be poised to receive what is required to complete our missions as Lightworkers.
     And so this will also be an important year regarding the Life Purpose and Mission of those who identify as Lightworkers.  We will have much more permission to let our LIGHT shine. The past three years have served as a powerful impetus and preparation for us to step more fully into our own missions and sovereignty. The path of the “7″ is the meditation, visualization and purification in preparation for the manifestational push of the “8” – of the following year.  Therefore -  the choices we make will be important and will continue to shape our personal missions into 2015 - and beyond. 
     So we are invited to keep an open mind and let our heart guide us to all the opportunities the Universe provides this year.  The Cosmic Mantra for 2014 is – “I Breathe. I Release. I Align. I Trust my Self and my Inner Knowing. All is Well.”  Expect that the awakening to Higher Consciousness that is now manifesting - in the collective - will reach soaring heights. This expanded consciousness will powerfully enable real and positive change in the world - in a way that can no longer be held back or denied.  That is the power of the Chariot!
     Barbara Marx Hubbard has referred to us as pioneers undertaking a sacred journey to a new level of consciousness - a new possibility for our evolution.  She calls this the “Birth of the Universal Human” - which is about the merging of our Divinity and our Humanity in a truly global consciousness that creates a whole new pattern for life.  This journey is about becoming a full-spectrum human - stretching from our physical bodies to a higher level that was foreshadowed by the resurrection and teachings on the Lightbody by Jesus the Christ. There will be breakthrough experiences around integrating our bodies of Light – as we become solar powered - crystallized beings.
     So prepare yourselves Dear Ones - to commit to a spiritual journey that also engages the world in a profound way.  We’re well on your way to new success now - and previously unknown horizons are already calling us.  It feels really good - to have reached this take off point at last. There’s one more very important bridge to cross.  It promises to provide us with plenty of sustenance for the journey we are feeling so ready to embark upon. Take a moment to have one final glance in the mirror. That is customary whenever we leave the house to go somewhere important - isn’t it?  Notice that there’s a newfound compassion and kindness to our demeanor.  Where there is great love – there is greater love!  Don’t leave home without it.  Bless you all . . . SANDYA.
Spiritually  Speaking 2013
    The Great Void of Huge Potential       
     The Shift of Ages - 12.21.12 - left us all wondering what the big deal was.  We found the event to be anti-climatic.  Struggling to feel the new energies - we experienced them as strange, flat and just plain - weird.  This after the "in your face" energies of the year before proved to be confusing - and left us scattered and feeling unconnected.  Information has been slow in coming - like no one knew what to say - including me!    
     Last year I felt like I was stuck in a series of Final Destination movies.  This year I feel like a pilgrim - one of a group who has come to the New World to settle.  We have built a fort - which is surrounded by a mysterious and otherworldly mist.  I am a sentry - all by myself at this important post. I am responsible for alerting others as to what might come.  I am peering through the mist - waiting . .  
     Now that we are a few weeks into our 2013 pilgrimage - some things about our new and strange world are starting to gel into our consciousness.  We are now in an adjustment period.    
     We are in the period of "The Great Void of Huge Potential" - and we are adjusting to this space. We are in a phase of orientation and discovery. The orientation point that was anchored in each of us in 2012 is now being slowly switched on. Time is stretching out before us.  We can take our time about everything in our lives. There is lots of time to fulfill our destiny and divine purpose. We can slow down and breathe the unqualified air in this new reality. 
     Unqualified is the operating word here.  It is up to us to qualify it - to make it known.  But - it is going to take some getting used to.  When a huge cycle completes - like the one that just ended - it goes out in an explosive blaze of fever pitched, frantic and intoxicating energy. 
     When a new cycle builds up enough energy - it catapults us into another dimension/reality. It's like starting over - a new beginning - as we leap from one spiral to another - from a completing spiral to a beginning spiral.      
     So try to visualize this - we are shifting - actually picking up from one reality - and going to another one - a different one - a new spiral in time.  And -  this is where it gets really tricky - we are leaving the top of one spiral - but entering at the bottom of another.  All of this would make the best of Lightworkers ditsy.      
     The Mayan knew about these huge launches into new realities.  New cycles - like the one we just entered - begin nice and slow with lots of surreal - dreamlike space in which to make conscious choices that will become the foundation stones for this entire new cycle. At first the world might feel flat as a pancake and lacking energy.  Many  Light workers are missing the buzz of 2012 - and the world now feels a bit mundane.     
     We are literally being asked to go "cold turkey" - on breaking our addiction to really high pitched energies from the past cycle that we had become accustomed to. This is an adjustment as we let go of the drama and ego which we were accustomed to. We are required to make huge adjustments in our lives - to self-correct and come into alignment -with this new cycle and field of possibility. This takes courage.
     The octopus effect is upon us - we are feeling pulled in numerous ways with many valid possibilities. We might feel a deep desire to create in multiple directions all at once - yet for the moment - we are still in the dilemma of being in one physical body with all its 3D limitations. There is a lot of frustration.      
     On top of this push to create and manifest all the possibilities presented to us - we are also feeling quite apathetic - about absolutely everything.  It looks like any attachment to our beliefs systems are floating out in a field of possibility without ego attachment - and we are waiting to see what sticks - what stays with us - and what will dissolve away.     
     This is the beginning of a new foundation for cosmic multi-tasking - spherically manifesting - while staying in a neutral and detached ego. To say the least - there is a lot to learn in this new energy.
     For me - I am coming down from what was quite a frantic and exciting year.  Like a sentry - I continue searching - and keeping my eyes open - for what may come . . . Bless you all, SANDYA.   
2012 Spiritually Speaking
Deep Contact
     As we approach the time of the shift - supposedly 12.12.12 to 12.21.12 - I can't help feeling like I am stuck in the series of the "Final Destination" movies - particularly since there are some who say the shift has already happen this past year in July - and those who say we are actually focusing on 2021 - and then lately 2045.  So what does this mean - that 2012 is Final Destination #2?
     No one knows what is going to happen.  And I would venture to say not even the powers to be - the Beings that guide us - know what is really going to happen.  This is a creative process.  That is why there is so much conjuncture.  And let's face it.  This process is going to be never ending.  I heard that it is going to take 23 years to put the new energy into place.  That is the essence of the spiritual afterall.  There is always going to be something more.  I personally wouldn't have it any other way. 
     It's important to stay focused on the "need of the hour" - as Patricia Cota-Robles likes to say.  And the need of the hour is morphing into the resonation of the "High Heart."  A new biology is emerging and the Heart is at the center of it.  It literally acts as the central intelligence and plays a vital role in decoding energy, multi-dimensional processing and inter-dimensional communication.  See the articles written by Lauren Gorgo 1/10 Think With Your Heart and Beacons of Light Jan '12 Honoring the Other Gods.
These are the highlights for 2012:
- With the opening of the 11.11.11. portal we have made the connection to the Earth Crystalline Grid and the Galactic Solar Grid.  Now we will build an internal grid in the heart center and combine the crystalline and solar energies there – making the Heart the new command center of our being.
- Gratitude is the spiritual aspect that can part the seas and clear our path more than any other.  It is the energy that creates just in front of us, whether we are aware of it or not,
- Leading with Love is suppose to change so much about our lives this year that by the end of 2012, our old lives may be unrecognizable. Love will restructure everything as the predominant force on the planet.  This requires us to be "the fool for love."
- Thinking with your heart is imperative because only the heart contains the intelligence to operate with the speed, accuracy and frequency required to function in 5D - the new earth.
- Harmony is the frequency of the year - when we harmonize into the flow of life we will be supported by the cosmos - able to accomplish tasks effortlessly, with brilliance and in a short period of time.  As we align with the cosmic heartbeat which pulses in rhythm with Earth - in this harmonization comes the true meaning of human incarnation.
- We will be coming together in holy relationship - sacred unions of twin flames, soul families and soul collectives with hold resonances that will aid us in fulfilling our higher purpose and potential.
- We are now in our 13th year of transformation according to the Mayan calendar which marks the true beginning of Christed consciousness on the planet.   So that means it is time to move from being the disciple to being the master as the 13th strand of DNA - referred to as "the Strand of Love" is activated this year.
- This is a five year or the year of the Hierophant.  This is the symbol of spiritual faith and allows us to finally "walk the talk."
- 2012 is the year that the "Voice of Love" breaks through and a new and unprecedented ability to express ourselves will emerge.  Those involved in fields of conscious communication like writing, speaking, music, art, media etc. will become “The Voice of the New Humanity.
- Focus is imperative.  This is the year that transformation is made manifest.  While others are steeped deeply in the dismantling phase - we will be physically birthing our dreams.
- This is the Age of Empowerment.  How well you empower the people around you will have a lot to do with your next steps, and your connections to ourselves and the new energy.
     Since the beginning of 2012 - up until the first new moon of the year - on Monday, January 23rd - we have been organizing and gathering ourselves.  Then we will be involved in the first wave of activity until the spring equinox in March - when the fruits of labors are suppose to first appear.  Once we are able to communicate without boundaries or limitations - with our heart - we will be able to make "Deep Contact" with another heart.  Doesn't that send chills down your spine?
     Being able to make deep contact means that we take responsibility for being creators - and the center of the new world that we are creating.  While that may seem like a tall order - we are actually there.  As Lightworkers - when we were told something was coming - we did the setups for it. - acting as if we already had it.    As a result we drew it forward - creating a vacancy in its place.  In that vacancy exits the possibility to create things we never dreamed of creating.  And therefore, we have the capability to reach levels never thought possible.  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeha.
     Next comes the process of making our vision part of the physical world.  We are being offered a new geometry that is the foundation for the new world.  It is to be encoded inside of us.  We must give inner permission for t his to take place.  Do this now, if you haven't already.  We will not understand the New Geometry at first but as we take steps into the new world - it will begin to make sense.  This new geometry is the framework on which a new physical world will be built.  Then comes sound as a frequency - the 13th Frequency.  Once that is done, our intent will begin to take hold. See the article by Aluna Joy dated ½ “The Sacred Geometry for a New Era.”
     All of these things will occur within the context of the most significant and most challenging planetary influence since the mid 1960's (remember the sit ins of the 60's? Now we have flash mobs and Occupy Wall Street) - when Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn starting in June - causing us to live through a major generational upheaval. In fact, here are five exact squares between Uranus and Pluto between the years 2012 and 2015. 
     Uranus represents change, invention, revolution and higher awareness.  It’s effect is shocking, unpredictable and erratic. Pluto represents globalization, destruction, transformation and renewal.  It’s effect is grinding, ruthless and extreme. Both of these planets are distinctly non-personal and emotionless, yet their effect is dramatic and deeply felt. The square is the most challenging of the planetary aspects representing tests and challenges. 
     If that isn’t enough, the second part of the current two part Venus Transit which occurs every 104 years and heralds advances in technology, communication and relationship is on June 6th.  The first part occurred on June 8, 2004.  Since that time, the Divine Love energy from Venus has been building in momentum – softening the hearts and mind of Humanity.  In fact, every facet of life on Earth is being prepared for the amplified influx of Divine Love that will bathe the planet during the second phase of the transit.  As Venus crosses the face of the Sun – frequencies of Solar Light will exponentially expand Venus’ ability to radiate Divine Love to Earth - greatly enhancing the awakening that is taking place around the world.
     And let us not forget - this is the Year of the Dragon.  According to the Chinese Zodiac - the Dragon is the only mystical creature in the calendar - and the most powerful - thereby creating sweeping transformation.  It could bring natural disasters - particularly connected to water - and - something that could effect the whole population - like a pandemic.  See the clip in Yahoo's World Videos - 1/21 "Predictions for the Dragon Lunar Year" in which Hong Kong astrologers give their predictions for 2012.
     So - between Uranus squaring Pluto, the Venus Transit and the Dragon - hang on to your hats!  Just remember we don't have to get caught up in these things.  Let the masses wrestle with the energies.  We will ride them - keeping our eyes on the prize.  So once again - focus is imperative.  This is the year that transformation is made manifest.  While others are steeped deeply in the dismantling phase - we will be physically birthing our dreams.
     I totally agree with Lee Harris's facebook video - "2012 The Year of Power."  If there was ever a year - this is the year that will open hearts a little more, allow ourselves to go a little deeper and be inspired to rise a little higher . . . Bless you all, SANDYA.    
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