SANDYA - Sandra Shears - Spiritual Channel, Healer & Counselor
Calling all Lightworkers  . . .
These are amazing times - as we create The New World - and return to LOVE!
The Holy Spirit calls each of us - and every so often calls a group of us - to create a Holy place on Earth where God can work miracles in those that come seeking.
As a Lightworker - you have incarnated at this special time in order to facilitate the transition to the next Age.
It is time to bring forth The Gift that will accelerate healing and Spiritual Purpose.  Those who vibrate to the 13th Frequency or The Golden Ray will manifest great things in their lives . . .
Won't you join me in this grand adventure?  Blessings, SANDYA. 

     As Lightworkers, we have been involved in many light events over the years . . .
     The first is the Harmonic Convergence which was initiated by Mayan scholar, Jose Arguelles. The original vision was of  a global awakening to Unity. The time was foretold in the Mayan  Prophecies. The press release went out at a point when a major  supernova, a massive infusion of light which happened to be in  Aquarius, the sign of The Age of Light, appeared in the sky - the  brightest since 1604. People gathered all over the world on August 17,  1987 at sacred sites and places of natural beauty to hold the vision  for Global Unity. Thus began the projected 25 year culmination (1987   25 = 2012) towards The New Age of Peace. After that the Berlin Wall  came down and the Cold War ended. This event marked my awakening on the  Earth Plane.    
     The second  is The 11:11, The Doorway to Freedom ushered in by Solara. Its process  is The Unification and the outcome is The One. Opened on January 11,  1992 the doorway closes November 11, 2012. We enter The Golden Age or  The New Reality in 2013. There is 11 Gates to go through. We are now  preparing to enter The 6th Gate. I will say more about this  later. At the time of the 11:11, the Feeling Sense of God returned to  the earth plane. It was at that time that I became aware of the energy  flowing in from the spiritual planes and began to channel in earnest.   
     The third event is the solar eclipse in the summer of 1999. At that time an etheric Grand Cross was lowered into our atmosphere where it  has burned ever since. It represents movement from the Piscean Age,  which was symbolized by the pyramid and it’s three points denoting  Source, Spirit and Soul, into The New Age - the Aquarian Age. The cross  which is the universal symbol for relationship adds a fourth point -  Self - as the little self here (personality driven) is spiritualized  and we move into our multi-dimensionality - our larger self (soul  driven.) The Self is the in the and represents Self  Realization, the next step after that being God Actualization. When we  are lit up, our Soul Star or the 11th chakra is activated.  This is the energy point that first personalizes God energy. Note that  I was in Santa Cruz, CA at the time and channeling the event. (Santa  Cruz means Holy Cross in Spanish.)    As with the 11:11, this third event continues to unfold. In November of  1998, the earth’s magnetic field fell to zero. (See Gregg Braden’s Zero  Point and also note that after Sept 11th, there is a  location in the US/NYC called “Ground Zero.”) Zero magnetics allowed  our Spiritual Sun to penetrate into the earth where a seed was planted.     
     On August 11, 1999, nine months later, a new energy of Christ  Consciousness was born here on the earth plane. This is the 13th  Frequency. It is golden in color, circular in shape and magnetic or  female in nature. We have been vibrating to electrical energy which  exists in a straight line and comparable to a bolt of lightening. As  the 13th Frequency flows in, we are balancing the electrical  (positive) with the magnetic (negative) charges within us in order to  create the balance between the two which is Love. The triple circle  represents patterning that is produce by magnetic flow. It is the most  conducive energy pattern to health and wealth of all life here on  earth. The 13th Frequency is the key to The New Reality. Those who vibrate to this frequency will manifest greatness in their lives.         
     And now the harmonics of this planet has just been taken up a notch! In  1998, astrologer John Mirehiel, saw a pattern forming in November 2003,  a horoscope like non-other. The unique chart foretold of a time when  humanity might change the world as it is known. It is called The  Harmonic Concordance - or The Grand Alignment.
     This unusual event began  with a total lunar eclipse on November 8th and ended with a total solar eclipse on November 23rd.       
     Based on the Latin word meaning “heart,” this Concordance was actually  predicted for centuries by indigenous shamans. Just as its precursor,  the August 1987 Harmonic Convergence fundamentally influenced the Earth  plane, this harmonic change marks the next significant shift in the energies of earth. It has the scope to bring a new degree of life here. 
     In broad terms, the meaning  of the Harmonic Concordance is increased light, therefore increased  awareness. While it will be wonderful to have more consciousness, it  won‘t necessarily be comfortable.  Increased light triggers  purification.
     What happens when the planet’s vibrations lift?   Healing.  The Harmonic Concordance is predicted to recalibrate you down to the eye lashes, re-fashioning even body organs.       
     Why would astrological events change how you breathe, eat, think, make  love or sleep? We’re made of the same material as the stars and the  earth. Because you are one with the Universe, what happens in the  heavens will affect you and vice versa. How can you tell if you’re  being re-tooled? Signs include: anxiety, irritability, weight change,  flu-like symptoms, headaches, insomnia, mood swings, muscle aches, night sweats, spaciness or confusion.
     Yes - high frequency, cosmic energy  is coming into the earth grid.  Its effects could be felt up to 18  months.  
     And now prepare for  the download - the Venus Transit on June 8, 2004!  As Patricia  Diane Cota-Robles points out, of all the 144 planets in The Galaxy,  Venus and its population have by far been the most exuberant supporters of Earth and its inhabitants. The perpetual love, assistance and  selflessness rendered from Venus for untold aeons is beyond comparison. 
     This year’s transit will be Venus’s crowning glory in her service to  the Earth. The beings from Venus are offering us their hearts and their  hands in this our Final Stage of Ascension into the Fifth Dimension.     
     Now it is time for the next phrase of the Divine Plan.  Once  again, we are being called to unite our hearts, heads and bodies in a global effort, receiving the annual Cosmic Dispensations beginning in 2005 and  continuing to date.  These Divine Dispensations make way for the Divine Feminine and the Flame of the Immaculate Concept to return at long last to  Earth.
     This Sacred Fire is now penetrating into the core of purity in  every electron of precious life energy. As this occurs, the Divine  Potential pulsating within every facet of life is being activated. In  Human Beings, our Divine Potential includes functioning with the  knowledge of Oneness and reverence for ALL life and reaching our  highest expression as Beloved Children of God.  

     And then at  the end of 2006 and through 2007, Pluto transits the Galactic Center,  clearing and recalibrating our central operating systems, reshaping our  beliefs - the very underpinnings of our existence. We are laid bare.  The core is exposed. A new foundation is poured, molded, shaped and  formed. We create from this new place of being.
   This journey isn't for the faint-hearted. The creative matrix at the  center of our galaxy is a black hole that voraciously sucks in and  obliterates matter, spitting it back out in new configurations. Pluto and black holes operate in a similar way . . . they annihilate in order  to create. As they align, all hell - and Heaven - breaks loose and we  plunge into this roiling vortex of destructive/creative process. Life  is destroyed and begins again - at a higher level.  Between the Pluto  station, the Mercury retrogrades and the Grand Fire Tine this, we are  in for the most colossal gearshift humanity has seen for thousands of years.    
     Happy Anniversary!  It was 20 years ago on August 16, 1987 that the "Band" began to play" as millions of people around the world consciously opened their hearts to connect to the Harmonic Convergence.  No one then could have imagined the cycle of transformation that  was to set in after that cosmic moment 20 years ago—the galactic beam bath. It was the Blue Electric Eagle who greeted the dawn of August 16, 1987, and enlightened the 144,000 sun dancers with their missions for 2012.   Now, 20 years and 20 days later at the dawn of August 16—Magnetic Moon 22 — it will be the Blue Planetary Eagle that enters the silence of the 144,000 sun dancers in their dawning meditation. Will you be one of them?  Will you receive the transformative extension of the blue galactic spectrum in your heart?  Will you awaken ever more deeply to reality and seize the day with the perfected vision of the New Time? 
     In 2008, we awakened globally when the USA financial woes affected others worldwide and we realized we were all connected.  Critical mass prevailed and we made history by electing our first African American president.  On Nov 13th, we were reconnected to the Fluid Universe and Liquid Light poured into this realm to prepare us for the Return of Love as we got ready for our Initiation into the Crystal Heart.  
     On the anniversary of the 11:11, January 11 - in an 11 year (2009) - The Gateway of the Second Second Wave opened so we could go to a whole other level of inner communication with our Monad or Oversoul which will enhance our physical experience and expression here on Earth as a new way of living comes into being. 
     In 2010 many us re-located - myself in the Foothills of the Blueridge Mountains - and found ourselves seeds of consciousness planted in unconsciousness.  The race is on to raise our vibration and the vibration of everything around us!  The Winter Solstice energy kicked our spiritual arse - and set us up for the changes to come. 
                     THE 11.11.11. SACRED PORTAL
     2011 brought eclipse portal after eclipse portal - leaving us breathless and wondering all at the same time. Is that our God Self emerging?
     And then we were at the 11.11.11.  For many years the numbers 11:11 has been mysteriously appearing to millions around the world. It has become known as the 11:11 phenomenon.  On the 11th hour of the 11th month of the 11th year - a sacred portal opened.  Something came through . . . a blast of solar energy from the Galactic Center - awakening "the Fire Within"
    Can't hardly believe it.  We have arrived at our final destination - 2012 - the gateway to the new world.  With the help of the energy from the 11.11.11. portal - we have been reconnected to the crystalline core of the Earth and the solar core of the Universe.  Bringing these two energies into our own core supergrounds us. 
     The heart is being prepared as the new command center - or brain center - of our system.  Acting as the central intelligence - it will be able to process multi-dimensional energies - establishing heart to heart communication.
     In the meantime, we are headed warp speed to June - when the second half of the Venus Transit will pour Divine Love into our hearts.  This is to be done under the backdrop of Uranus squaring Pluto - causing major upheaval.  Hang onto your proverbial hats as Spirit hurls us towards the much heralded Solstice - 12.21.12!
The Shift of Ages
     On 12.12.12  a portal opened and a pathway was formed between the Heart of Mother God and the heart of Mother Earth.  Mother God proceeded to broadcast the largest wave of Transfiguring Divine Love and Grace ever transmitted to Earth and her Humanity. 
     This in turn awakened the seed of the New Christ Consciousness planted in the heart of Mother Earth in 1999 – and it flowed up and out to all of Humanity.
     And so in the days leading up to the Shift of 12.21.12 – Earth was bathed in the most powerful Christ Light ever experienced to date.  This created a crystalline-based vortex spiral – or an Ascension Pathway – expanding the pathway already created by Mother God.  We slowly began moving up that pathway - leaving the old ascension spiral - shifting into the new one. 
     It is in this New Ascension Spiral that we will access our Crystalline Light Body.  In the Crystalline body we will access the New Earth Paradigm or Fifth Dimensional reality.  Our Crystalline body – planted on the new 5D Earth – will slowly magnetized - over time - our 4D selves and reality – absorbing them – as the New Earth is born! 
     The past weeks have already been more significant than any other in recent history - and  they have provided a passage toward the greatest pivotal turn we've every had the opportunity to undertake.  
     The retrograde Mercury cycle takes us right to it, leaving us in a unique position to expand as soon as we hit the World Axis (0 Aries) point. This is major. It should be, it's the most important time in the human story.  
     Join Lightworkers everywhere as we focus on and hold space for the Piscean/0 Aries Pointe transformation that we are manifesting right now, the upcoming wormhole, the Saturn Pluto sextile and the ongoing Uranus Pluto square.   This year's Spring Equinox features a perfect 10 degree Grand Water Trine. 
     This is just a sampling of the huge evolutionary forces at work on our consciousness as we move into a new dimension to manifest the new Earth.
Humanity and the Comet
     Under the light of the first full moon of 2014 - January 17th - Humanity was bathe in the God Particles of the Comet ISON.  And so begins the alchemy process of the human returning to its state of perfection - to LOVE.  And we wondered how our form - our aging bodies - could possibly regenerate - let alone transfigure?
      Upon its discovery in 2012 - ISON was herald as the "Comet of the Century" because of its size - and age.  It was expected to approach the Earth for the first time ever at the end of 2013 as it made its slow orbit around the sun.  There was much excitement about this comet because at four and a half billion years old (4,500,000,000) - it was estimated to be the same age as our solar system - and that meant that scientists could study the actual organic material of our creation. 
     Everyone was shocked when the comet was drawn and slammed into the Sun on Thanksgiving Day 2013.  Remnants of its tail survived but went on to disintegrate over the next month.  While scientists declared the comet dead - the spiritual community herald the cosmic event as a profound activity of Light - suggesting that Comet ISON had a date with destiny as part of the next step in our evolution and ascension.
     On January 15th - fragments of the comet begin to fall to Earth. No matter how minuscule -  these particles carried the pulsating Cosmic Lifeforce - reminding us of our Divinity and activating our DNA.   You could say - it was a kiss from Mother God . . .
The Reset
     A massive, internal and external RESET will be triggered in March 2015 around the Spring Equinox. It is a complete resetting of everything that we thought we knew.         
     The changes will be so profound - it will be like inhabiting a new planet. It changes what we see around us; it changes what we feel; it changes what we think; it changes how we interact with others; it changes what we do and it changes how we do things.  If that isn't enough - the 7th and final Uranus/Pluto Square will be the "cherry on top" - occuring at the same time . . .
Enter the New World Consciousness
     In actually the "New World Consciousness" didn't entered until September 2015 when an insane wave of transformational energy hit the planet in the midst of an eclipse cycle, the equinox and the final blood mood in the highly propesied tetrad - THEN facilitated thru the 10:10, 11:11 and 12:12.  Many Lightworkers got their brains scrambled!
     The gargantuan download of Divine light was so far reaching that it will literally take months to sort thru the explorsions it set off in our DNA. 
     It was also a long year of purging and purification so the body can metalbolize more Crystal light.  We are presently involved in a major realignment process.  First the mind will be over hauled, next the body will be upgraded and utimately we will have at our disposal a new mind/body connection that is unlike anything we've ever known before.

                  Retrograde Season - Back to the Beginning

   This year we officially completed a very long, very intense cycle of creation.  It wasn't pretty - but it was effective! 
   And how fitting that we end this Nine year of completion in retrograde since we spent so much of the last 12 months in major retrogrades.  In many ways this whole year felt like a retrograde - like we were transported back to the beginning of our awakening. 
   Ad to the year all the eclipses, worm holes, superbridges, supermoons and even black moon - 2016 was energetically supercharged.  It was far from easy but served as an effective and essential year of "immersion therapy" to condense, highlight and intensify any remaining shadow aspects. 
   And so comes to an end - nine years of epic transformation that relentlessly prepared us for the brand new, never-before-experienced beginnings that are before us now - as all the new potentials of the universal ONE year begin to unfold.

                         THE GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE

     On August 21, 2017 millions of people across the United States saw one nature's most wondrous spectacles — a total eclipse of the Sun coupled with a New Moon - the first since 1918.  A total solar eclipse is unlike anything you've seen in your life.  It was an awe inspiring scene as the Moon completely blocking the Sun - turned daytime into night. 
     As "totality" approached, people across the US saw the astonishing sight of the Sun's corona blazing in the sky. This was truly a great American eclipse because totality swept the nation from the Pacific to the Atlantic.  An eclipse is a cosmic billiard shot — the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up - creating potential for powerful transformation.  It is no accident that the "Me Too!" movement accelerated the Divine Feminine rising - aligning to the Universal One. 
     Occurring in Leo at the Master Degree of "The Heart of the Lion" it was referred to as the "Total Eclipse of the Heart"  - this in a year when the Soul stepping down even more into the ultimate human cup - the heart.  It will provide the opportunity to master our capacity to get to the heart of any matter and keep our hearts open, listening to and trusting its wisdom, and moving towards what it resonates with.  When we allow this, we are choosing the timeline we want to live in.

These are truly times of Spiritual Opportunity.  May we be real, and true, and fearless, and wholehearted - in all we do. We are bless that you are with us in these endeavors . . . SANDYA. 
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